Letter from the Editor 

Love is in the air. Spring has metaphorically arrived for many. Shout out to my favorite couples: Amanda and Andy as well as Kay and Marc!

Valentine’s Day is the time to celebrate love. Couples all around enjoy this romantic holiday. However, love comes in different forms. Be it with your respective partner, friends, family or perhaps even yourself, it is important to take this holiday as an opportunity to recognize and appreciate those that you care about.

This issue we made sure to tap into the holiday spirit. We covered the different spectrums of Valentine’s Day, ranging from last minute holiday gift ideas to the concept of “self–love.”

However, love is not the only topic on our minds.

Trump has taken office and remains in the national spotlight, so look at the News section to find an update on Trump’s promises and actions.

We also have the latest information on WHS organizations such as FBLA and a preview on the upcoming Advanced Anatomy Talent Show.

This issue’s Opinion section tackles a wide range of topics from the importance of offering career–based classes to defining beauty stands.

If you want a laugh, make sure to read the latest “ODD or StEVEN” for a personal narrative about a student’s discovery of veganism.

The entertainment industry plays a significant role in most of our lives. It has supplied many of us with the motivation to pull through an all–nighter and the opportunity to relax in the aftermath.

The actors, actresses and musicians have awarded us with moments of humor and joy. So, now it is the time of year for us to award them. Our center spread is a full feature on the entertainment industry and the current awards season.

The Feature section has many other stories to get excited about. Here, you can learn more about the latest fashion trends that support a cause and the amazing accomplishments of your WHS peers.

Each new year brings some change. As the first paper released in 2017, the February issue also has some revamps.

The Sports section experimented with a photo essay which features a collection of photos highlighting WHS girls water polo and boys basketball teams during the winter season.

We hope to share the hard work and Warrior pride through these pictures with all of you!

With only two issues left, I am filled with awe at how quickly the year is passing.

However, with each published issue, I see the staff become more and more enthusiastic, innovative and driven. The feeling that it gives me can only be described as pride.

Journalism gave me a network of friendships, and if that can not be celebrated, I do not know what else can.

So on this lovely Valentine’s Day, let’s not let all the couples take all the fun.Spread the holiday cheer of candy hearts and Valentine grams to friends and family.After all, love is something to share with all.


Helen Shi

Managing Editor

Calling outstanding students

National Honors Society of WHS is accepting applications from students students of all grades with cumulative GPAs of 3.0 and above. NHS scouts students that exemplify excellence in leadership, character, scholarship and service. To apply, send your applications to NHS advisor, Tina Carlisle to be reviewed by a faculty committee. The deadline to submit applications is March 24 at 3 p.m..  

WHS advances athletics with new athletic coordinator 

Get the first look on WHS athletics here

Falling in love with yourself

The Arrow Staff

Despite living in a generation that leaps so easily to self–hate, more than 200 WHS students were able to find a picture of themselves that they felt proud to share publicly on the front page of our newspaper.

This brought a question to mind. If it’s possible to love yourself through the lens of a camera, why is there a need to have affirmation from others to feel good about yourself?

This external affirmation comes in many forms— likes on Instagram, retweets on Twitter, compliments in person or even having a significant other.

Instead of looking to build confidence within themselves, people often rely on the opinions of others to determine their self–worth.

Conformity oppresses our individuality with the latest trends in fashion and pop culture. The obsession with brand names makes it hard to walk around campus without seeing a pair of Adidas Superstars or Lululemon leggings.

This need to conform stems from a desire to be accepted. Subsequently, an inability to be the archetypal highschooler ultimately results in a lack of self–esteem.

Self–confidence issues can develop into serious mental health diseases, such as anorexia, body dysmorphia, bulimia and depression. 

Social media is one of the main contributors to these problems, constantly plastering the so–called “standard of beauty” everywhere online. 

A study by the Office for National Statistics show that 27% of children who spend three or more hours on social media a day have symptoms of mental illnesses. After scrolling past pictures of trendy health foods, toned models and celebrities, we become unsatisfied with ourselves.

But even Beyonce, with her seemingly flawless appearance and star talent, has insecurities. Her album I am … Sasha Fierce refers to her alter ego, Sasha Fierce, whom she transforms into onstage to eliminate stage fright and feelings of judgment. Embodying this alternate persona allows her to confidently perform without worrying about what the audience is thinking about her. 

Lacking self–confidence is not just a problem that can be resolved with a touch of makeup; the issue is rooted deeper than solely the outside appearance.

It is then ironic that our appearance, with which we are obsessed with perfecting, is actually one of the least important aspects of our identities. 

Today’s society places so much value on appearance that the importance of true emotions and inner character are often an afterthought. It is our distinct personalities rather than our physical features that make us all unique.

We are more than our looks.

This generation tends to mask its imperfections with multiple filters, slowly becoming more accustomed with how they look on screen rather than how they look in person.

You should be able to get the same feeling you have when you take the perfect selfie as when you look in the mirror. It’s still the same face, same body, same you.

Everyone possesses attractive qualities. You possess attractive qualities. It is up to you to recognize them and acknowledge the fact that there is more to you than the things you do not like about yourself.

With seven billion people in the world, no one will remember you for the way you wore your hair or the way you dressed, but rather the differences you made and how you made others feel. More importantly, you want to be able to look back on high school with no regrets and with pride in who you were. 

So add another meaning to Valentine’s Day. While it is important to express your love for others on this day, it is equally important to give that same love to yourself (#treatyoself). 

Today, one of the most important relationships you can have is the one with yourself. 

Sports Photo Gallery

Click to view. 

Trump makes a mark, again.

“Mr. Trump’s biggest obstacle to vast power is ... the millions of federal employees who are supposed to work for him. Most of these employees ... are dedicated to the mission of their agency. They don’t take kindly to arbitrary orders from above.”

Read full story in News

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